Hatt et Soner Brut Rose Champagne 2015

Blend: 85% Chardonnay, 15% Pinot Noir

Harvest: September 12th - 20th

Aging: 4 years

Fermentation: Non-malolactic

Dosage: 10 g/L

Area: Côte des Blancs

Soil: Argillaceous Limestone

Vines: avg. 35 years

Viticulture: Lutte Raisonnée

Vinification: 50% Steel Tank / 50% Oak Barrel

Disgorgement: 2019-04

Lieux: Multi-parcel


At HATT et SÖNER & ST.Ape we seek to preserve the purest possible expression of nature. Hatt et Söner embrace manual labor and do not use preventive methods to combat diseases in the vineyards. Instead Hart et Söner work to preserve a flourishing and diverse ecosystem which we nurture carefully and treat only when absolutely necessary.

The vinification method is based on the principle to shape the wine according to the preconditions given to them by nature in terms of land, weather and the attributes of each specific vintage. Each of their wines have an identity, far from the standardisation of taste - created in the intersection between heaven, earth and man.

Their vineyards are carefully chosen and acquired among the top quality terroir of Champagne; in the Grands and Premiers Cru villages of La Côte des Blancs, cultivating the finest grape of them all - Chardonnay (while using just some Pinot Noir for our Rosé wine). Totalling more than 50 plots - most ageing 30+ years - the grapes from each one are pressed and preserved separately to create identity, origin and traceability back to each single row of vines.

Hatt et Soner Brut Rose Champagne 2015



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