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Couture à porter

Humans have always been looking for ways to stand out. Differentiating themselves from others but still in search of intimacy. A quest for belonging while striving for uniqueness. To reflect this duality of humankind, we combined the exclusivity of haute couture with the accessibility of pret-à-porter fashion. We call it: couture-à-porter.

To create our couture-à-porter line, ST.APE sources deadstock from high-end Italian textile mills. These fabrics originally produced for couture clients form the base of our couture-à-porter collection. This is challenging, deadstock isn’t uniform and all pieces have to be individually assessed. So, we carefully select the textiles that are useful and hand them to our creatives.

It requires out-of-the-box thinking and an obsessive eye for detail, but the end result is rewarding. A fashion line made up of solely unique pieces. Still, our couture-à-porter line has a full range of pieces; from jackets and pants to dresses and jumpsuits. The availability of the garments and sizing depend on the availability of the fabrics. So the proud genius wearing a ST.APE piece will be sharing this feeling only with a select few.

From the raw materials to the final product, ST.APE’s couture-à-porter collection is designed and crafted with meticulous detail. Made for the contemporary and stylish modernist human. We commit solely to the best and this collection is our proof of concept. A celebration of all that is unique while honouring what is already there.