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ST. APE, A contemporary brand with an exciting range of products.

Next to our ready to wear collections we combine the exclusivity of haute couture with the accessibility of Pret-à-porter fashion. We call it: Couture-à-porter. To create our Couture-à-porter line, ST.APE sources headstock fabrics from high-end Italian textile mills. These fabrics originally produced for couture clients form the base of our Couture-à-porter collection. 

Crafted with obsessive detail, the collections are a passionate combination of style, quality and fit, resulting in a brand that promotes storytelling and genuine customer satisfaction that goes beyond expectations. We don't conform to seasons or other fashion standards.

High standards on-demand, consistent quality across products and a never ending strive for the best, that's the ethos of ST.APE. Our quality is aspirational, yet our garments are accessible. By cutting out the middle man we control the whole process of getting the garment to you ourselves.

Only a few are genius


Born out of years of experience, our personal archive and The Treasury of Denim, we have created & continue to perfect our permanent range of iconic denim essentials, which have been designed to become more & more beautiful when worn. Created to fade into the personal stories you capture in each piece, they are an investment for life.