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Humans have made it their mission to get everything they crave. Quicker and cheaper than ever before the result: a substantial environmental and social debt. Fashion in particular has a bad reputation regarding its impact on society and nature. That’s why we try to work as much with what humans have already created, cradle-to-cradle. This also means designing our products in such a manner that pieces can be taken apart and remade into new designs.

From purchasing raw materials to manufacturing, we maintain a circular production process. We find and collaborate with textile mills that produce some of the highest quality materials available. As of now this means we get most of our materials from Italy, but we’re always looking out for new sources. From these mills we buy their deadstock; the fabrics they overproduce. What otherwise would’ve become a waste product we turn into fashion and out of these fabrics we create different styles and finishes. This keeps our collection fresh while utilising what is already there. An intensive and creative process that challenges us to stay innovative in our designs.

We do our best to fully understand why we design, how it’s made and which geniuses wear it. That’s why we design and produce most of our collections at our in-store atelier. This way we have full control of the design and production process. It also gives us the opportunity to bond with our clientele, understanding how their needs should be met. Because of this we stay aware of what we create and make sure we don’t overdo it.

We create with purpose.